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This new filter are better than the last ones. I will be making more purchases from your website. Humidifier Filters should never be cleaned with the aforementioned methods. I love the automated reminder for renewal, product is consistent in quality and shipping times, I've never had an issue with my Honeywell humidifier. Reviewed: 04/12/2011 by Robert C Klingender. Great product! Great work Honeywell Store. Order was shipped quickly and product was in excellent shape. Filters get replaced every 6 weeks. Also, shipping was very fast!!! Can't find this filter in stores. I will continue ordering my filters online. It's easy to replace and always ships quickly. So far they seem to take a little longer before they need to be replaced. Great filter! The filter worked okay, but only lasted about 2-3 weeks of everyday use before it became moldy, had mineral deposits, and needed to be replaced. The ordering process was quick and easy and the shipment, the progress of which I was able to track, arrived in less than a week. Very pleased. It arrived quickly and I appreciated that. Plus they are easily changed. I was unable to find this filter in any of my local stores. Antimicrobial Protection is an Excellent Idea. I've ordered these filters for my humidifier from Honeywell again and again. I am happy to find the right fit for my humidifier. Beats going around to different hardware stores to find one in stock. Holds together much better now. Good product, nicely packaged, timely delivery. Reviewed: 01/19/2016 by Sandra Liberatore, I received my filters on the delivery date and the correct ones. Once received, the product was as described and ordered. A brand new filter compared to the worn out one. I am very satisfied with all aspects from ordering to receiving it and the product itself. It's a great replacement filter. Service is excellent! I have purchased the Honeywell Humidifier Filter C. They were shipped in original two Honeywell boxes taped to each other. Ordering and the delivery of my Honeywell filter went efficiently and smoothly. Works in several models. Honeywell C Replacement Filter, White I used to get the cheap ones. it's good that I get a reminder. - Honeywell Store Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Take 10% Off! We have been using this product for a number of years & have found it to be excellent! This update has an added blue mesh coating on the filter for extra filtration of the air while the fan is running. It took about 2 weeks longer than anticipated to arrive. So far so good. Volume Discount Pricing is a great way for customers to save big on large, bulk orders of most items available in our store. Searched many stores and sites to find this particular filter so I stocked up and go great pricing. Super fast shipping, arrived intact, better than expected... Well be return customers for sure! Received the new HC-888 humidifier filters with the blue antimicrobial coating. The opposite holds true. Remember to turn the filter over at least once a day. Helps ameliorate the dryness from the radiators. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome that when you buy 6 you receive a discount and you don't have to leave your house to go try to find a store that carries them. Cheapest price by $2 was on Honeywell vs. Amazon or other which was pleasantly surprising. The filter is very easy to use and the instructions or its care easy to follow. HUMIDIFIER REPLACEMENT FILTER: HAC504 Filter A works with evaporative Honeywell humidifiers in the HCM-350 germ free, HEV355, HCM-710 & HCM-315/HEV312 model series. I ordered three filters for my humidifier. You never know what store carries them or not so it is so convenient to order them online. And they weren't as good. The filter for our humidifier came as advertised. I use the humidifier that uses these filters because it is the cheapest unheated water and cleanest to use. Received in a very timely matter. The air gets very dry in my apartment and using these in the machine all winter long keeps the air breathable. The Blue wicking filter seems to be much better. Thank You. The service rep was a pleasure, and the filters arrived in less than a week! I am very happy with this product and the Honeywell online purchase procedure! Will keep ordering them. It's blue outside lining keeps it together for much longer than any other filter I've used. Honeywell was awesome. Reviewed: 02/21/2018 by Paulanne Pickering. Works great. I love this new Filters and they work great with my equipment. These filters are better then the older ones. It works very well. The product was the item I needed. It arrived quickly. I check my filters quite offen to ensure that they are in good condition. Protec antimicrobial treated filter helps inhibit up to 99% growth and migration of mold, fungus and bacteria on the filter. Keeps moisture in the air well to help ease cold symptoms. Ordering was easy and product arrived sooner than I expected. I love that I can order these filters online and the price is very reasonable. It was GREAT!!!! Very pleased with experience. My problem was that the stores were blown out of stock near me. The results vary depending on the humidifier’s use of hard, mineral rich water. The filter I ordered for my Honeywell humidifier was shipped promptly and it is of high quality. Just a couple of clicks and there it was. I bought this direct from the source. I like the improvement to the filters. It uses a patented antimicrobial that helps inhibit 99.99percentage* of growth and migration of mold, algae and bacterial on the filter. It is a great item. Perfect fit. Lowest price in 30 days. I received it in a timely manner and it works well. The filter I purchased was the incorrect size. Reviewed: 11/03/2015 by Sandra Liberatore. Reviewed: 06/01/2017 by Dorothy Greenberg. I have been using these filters for years and find they are a good value. Volume Discount Pricing is a great way for customers to save big on large, bulk orders of most items available in our store. It's working fine, and our apartment is much more comfortable. It seemingly does the job. I tried other replacement filters and they didn't work as well and then couldn't find them. I use it all the time, great product. I was not able to find one at any store. Shop for more Humidifier Filters available online at Thank you. Thanks Honeywell. I couldn't find this particular humidifier filter anywhere which left me no choice but to order it online. Lasts about a month to six weeks. Extremely satisfied with the ease of ordering, the very fair price, and quick delivery of the filters. 12% off. You could really tell the difference when you come inside after doing yard work. I'm counting on their anti-microbial action. I do recommend this product & this site. So very easy to order, shipped quickly and arrived early. I have found these filters to be very reliable and durable - satisfactory in every way. They are not available at Home Depot or leows. I didnt realize how much maintenance this humidifier needed. Exactly what we needed and the product works great. Does what its supposed to do. thank you - Sherry Law - Honeywell Humidifiers: A Soothing Remedy from Cold Winter Air, - Honeywell Heaters: Fall and Winter Heating Guide, - Stay Cool this Summer with Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners, - Dream a Better Night's Sleep with the Honeywell DreamWeaver Sleep Fan, - Honeywell Air Purifier Filters, Air Purifier Pre-Filters and HEPA Replacement Filters Available for Purchase at the Honeywell Store, - Honeywell Fire and Water Chests: A Safe Play Against Would Be Thieves and the Elements, - Ringing in the New Year with Honeywell Door Chimes and Push Buttons. Replacement filter works perfectly with our older humidifier. Arrives quickly and best prices I could find. new product is different in materials of all the other configurations. Can change more often. Thank you and I will be ordering again! It has been so dry and humidifier has helped electric shocks and flyaway hair. My only complaint is that they get slightly brown around the top of the filter even though we rotate them as directed and use filtered water. This Honeywell Humidifier Filter Replacement, Wicking Filter “T” helps capture minerals and pollutants in the water in your humidifier, and also helps prevent white dust. Nice not having to use zip ties and scissors to get a filter to fit in our humidifier. Item arrived on time and performed as promised. Love the Honeywell store. I do notice that when they become dirty the amount of water used is lessoned daily. With the calcification of the old filter, I can see why its best to order a new one yearly. Its for my office humidifier and the filters help keep it clean and freshen! Will definitely order from Honeywell Store again!!! But you can open an account if you choose and receive notification of specials. We got the filter in decent time and we are using it in one of our two cool mist humidifiers. This was certainly an affordable option to the individual purchase item. I needed a new one badly. Seems good, just had a bad smell when first using. My mother has allergies and this de-humidifier really helps. The filters were shipped fast and the items are in great condition. I was shocked at how fast they got here. We've used these for years in our cigar humidor at our shop. Reviewed: 08/08/2017 by Jeff & Rebecca Flory. Arrived quickly, in great condition. I appreciate the end of season reminder which triggered this purchase. Kathy Balzeski, Reviewed: 02/13/2012 by Jacqueline Proper. Will order again, since unfortunately that model is really hard to find in stores. Nicely packaged, reliable produce, timely delivery. I enjoyed customer experience from order to delivery. Filter Replacement. - Honeywell Digital Compact Multi-Purpose Security Safes - Now in Multiple Colors! In the winter months in Michigan a humidifier is needed all the time. I have tried my new filters encased in blue and think they will add more filtering and stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Prompt delivery. They arrive quickly, neatly packed in good condition. I really appreciate the order reminder. I will order that one with my $5 discount. Reviewed: 11/21/2015 by Gabri Sa FELZEMBURGH Rivas, Easy to use and very convenient for dry weather. I would completely forget otherwise, and they make it super simple to reorder as needed! Honeywell HC 888 Replacement Humidifier Filter C. The filters work well and seem to last longer than previous filters. Thank you!! I just wish they lasted a little longer. I just bought this filter and it is already changing colors. Filter delivered in excellent condition and fits perfectly. Ordering was simple, the items were delivers quickly...and I paid much less, on the order of 40-50% less. Same filter I've used previously for my two identical Honeywell humidifiers. I shopped several stores around town for original Honeywell filter, but find everything for any other model or a knock off brand. I ordered these after getting burned on Amazon and getting sent knock-off filters when the listing said Honeywell. It is so easy and convenient to order replacement filters online. My filter typically lasts a few months before needing to be replaced, Reviewed: 12/20/2016 by Jeff & Rebecca Flory. Change wall color, flooring--and furniture!--by clicking below. I use these in my Honeywell humidifier. Will see how it compares to generics. I live in an old apt and my neighbors smoke and I can never smell it! Filter Change Indicator. The new filter is even better than the original one! The order came quickly, and the filters are exactly as promised, meaning they are exactly right for my humidifiers. - The Honeywell Store WiFi Thermostat Give Away Contest. You'll need to clean both more often if your home is dusty or you have hard water. Ordering was easy but shipping was a little slow. The filter is still white and still holds water well. This product fits real well in my machine. Thanks again!! There isn't much to say about a humidifier filter, but am glad that I am able to purchase directly from the source,by the 6 pack. This filter is very easy to install and maintain. Ordering was easy, shipping was prompt, package was received intact. Durabasics 4 Pack of Premium Humidifier Filters Compatible with Honeywell Humidifier Filter HAC-504, HAC-504AW & Honeywell Filter A | Replacement for Honeywell Filter HCM 350 & Cool Mist Humidifiers. When I received the products they were genuine and looked exactly what came with my product when i bought the humidifier new. These work nicely. We needed two filters for our humidifiers and received them quickly. However, there is a solution to extending a replacement filter's effectiveness. with the Honeywell Lyric Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera, - Honeywell Shooting Eye Wear & Ear Muffs / Plugs: Ideal for Hunting and Range, - Honeywell Work Safety Products - Industrial Occupation or DIY Home Protection, - Brighten up Your Indoor/Outdoor Settings with Honeywell LED Light Fixtures, - Honeywell Air Purifiers for the Spring Allergy Season - Allergen Remover | True HEPA Filters, - Learn the Benefits of Replacing Your HVAC Furnace and What MERV Rating Means, - How Honeywell HEPA Air Purifier Filters and AHAM Certified Air Purifiers Can Help You, - Stay Warm Without Worrying About Your Heating Bill, With Energy Efficient Honeywell Portable Heaters, - Benefits of Owning A Honeywell Humidifier During the Winter - Dry Air Prevention, - Lyric Wi-fi Water Alarm - The early smart home warning system for water damage and flooding, - Honeywell Series 3, 5 & 9 Wireless Doorbells and Push Buttons - Portable, Plug-in and Mounting Options Available, - Merv Rating Compared to Furnace Air Flow Efficiency, Honeywell Furnace Filters for HVAC Systems Have you Covered, - Honeywell Portable Fans And Ceiling Fans Help Circulate Air Around Your Home or Office, - For a Limited Time Only, FREE SHIPPING on ALL Honeywell Safes. Product was as advertised. Bought my humidifier a month ago and was on the search for filters at a reasonable price. They last about a month we run the humidifier every night and I just flip them every 2 weeks to even things out. The product does its job. There was a discount for purchasing 6 filters at once, and I used a coupon code in addition, making it a very good deal indeed! LED Power Indicator. I sleep much better now. Will return to the Honeywell site first next time.. $16.99. The humidifier was in need of new filters so the Honeywell people got them to me in 3 days. (Blue pre-filter layer helps capture large particles and provides additional structural support). It runs quietly and is easy to clean. The filters likewise are easy and clean. The addition of Protec Antibacterial Treatment decreases the amount of growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria in the filter. Would like to be able to buy in store but on line is better than not being able to get it at all. It's doing an outstanding job. I ordered online from the Honeywell store. I used my humidifier on a daily basis due to allergies so it is critical that I keep a supply of filters on hand. Great service and shipment! The Honeywell HC-999N Humidifier filters works very well with our humidifier. Antimicrobial Treatment helps prevent the growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria on the filter. I've found the HC-888 filter to be impossible to find in my locale so was pleased to be able to order a box of six online through the Honeywell Store. - The Largest Capacity Portable Air Cooler Yet! They arrived in just a few days and are satisfactory in all respects. Knowing when to Purchase Replacement Filters. But you do need to watch for mildew at the base of the filters. I have used it several times and have noticed a welcome change in the quality of my cool air humidifying system. After trying to search for this at local retailers like Target, Walmart and even Best-Buy. Reviewed: 04/06/2018 by Vanessa Bryant-Alanis. This product was so easy to order. Great deal for 6 pack of filters!! We shipped the item on the 12th (as soon as we received them in stock). Nothing compares to original replacement filters! My only issue is that I have to order this filter on-line from Honeywell. The Honeywell Trademark is used under license from Honeywell International Inc. Glad you brought the blue outside cover back. Got the filters for the humidifier quickly and without a hassle after looking at multiple stores for the particular model number I need. Great product, great value. We are extremely pleased with the quality of your product and will continue to use and recommend them to our cigar customers. I will order from this website in the future to save money and time! 6 Pack Humidifier Wicking Filter Replacement Compatible with Honeywell HC-888, HC-888N, Filter C, Humidifier Filter Compatible with Honeywell HCM-890 HCM-890B HEV-320 Duracraft DCM-200 DH-890 Humidifiers. filter made a big difference in performance of humidifier. This Honeywell Humidifier Filter Replacement, Wicking Filter “T” helps capture minerals and pollutants in the water in your humidifier, and also helps prevent white dust. When I replace the filter I can see all the dirt and dust it has kept out of the humidified air. Quick delivery. They fit the humidifier better, they wick better and they last longer. This works very well. Reviewed: 08/21/2016 by Danielle Laniewski. We love this air purifier humidifier. quality filter/wick that, unlike the cheap take-offs, WORKS! So easy to use and replace the filters as well. the filter fit perfectly and was exactly as described. These Honeywell filters do their job so efficiently. These filters - and the humidifiers - work so well! If you notice the humidifier’s moisture output has lessened then it’s time to purchase a replacement filter swiftly. I have severe dry eye and the Honeywell Humidifier that I purchased has helped to bring some relief. Shipping was lightening fast!!! I received the product lightening fast!! Very good online service and delivery. It's best to order from the manufacture rather than other sites. This filter is working well. I'ts an excellent product and much superior to similar online options. I was unable to locate this item in store, so I opted to order online. These are reasonably priced and they work great. I recommend this product becausecame directly from the store i brought my humidifier. My 2 humidifiers which use replacement filters C, HC-888 work so well to keep my living and bedroom moisturized during the winter months. Thank you Honeywell! The fast shipping. It gums up the tank and makes the filters brown, etc. These replacement filters work great. Now I have enough for next winter. Good quality filter. Should your unit use a Honeywell Humidifier Filter, be certain to remove the filter and set it aside (Please Note: You should never use white vinegar or bleach when cleaning a Honeywell Humidifier Filter). These filters are better & fit better than the original and first batch of replacements. Delivery was slow, but it may be the holiday season to blame. Each filter lasts about 1 - 1 &1/2 months. Reviewed: 03/08/2017 by Jennifer Kowalski, i consistently buy these in bulk speedy delivery and a way to save some money, Reviewed: 03/06/2017 by Richard Pinkepank. Also, each shipment comes with a $1 off coupon for my next order! I was very happy with product. Will repurchase. Good fit and does it's job. 810-441-6750. Cheaper here than on Amazon. Replacement looked different blue layer than the original filter that came with the humidifyer, but after reading the item description and matching up the product number I purchased it. Cheaper price ordering in quantity. Works great and the house/apartment humidity is well maintained all winter. is operated by eAccess Solutions, Inc., under license by Honeywell International Inc. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. The Honeywell HC888 Replacement Filter C for cool moisture humidifiers removes minerals and pollutants from water. Received a quality product and works great in my humidifier. I have been using these for a few years now and as long as you flip them daily and keep them wet they will last about 2 months before they have to be replaced. We used the Honeywell filters for ten years, and The service from your company has been fantastic. Buy Honeywell HFT600C Replacement Wicking Humidifier Filter (Filter T) from Walmart Canada. Product arrived promptly in good condition. It seems to filter impurities out of the water quite well. They hold water well, and it's noticeable when it's time to change it. I am very pleased with this improvement. Filters work fine and the order was processed quickly and correctly. The products I ordered came quickly. I change them monthly and they make my humidifier work great. This will prevent the top of the filter from drying out, boosting its overall efficiency. This filter works very well Priced well and easy to clean. The filter works well and lasts for a long time! Im glad I can restock my filters easily and painlessly by shopping at the Honeywell online store. Thank you so much. Where to Buy Honeywell Filters & Accessories. Ensure a premier and hospitable breathing environment for yourself and your loved ones with a Genuine Honeywell Filter. - Honeywell HVAC Furnace Filters - The Premier Defense against Seasonal Allergies! I finally found them online and they work wonderfully. Have used these for years. When a replacement is needed to replace the replacement the Honeywell Store will be used as my source of the replacement. I enjoy this product. So far these filters work well with my Honeywell humidifier! Honestly the price was very similar. The number of days varies depending on how frequently the humidifier is used. Simply flip the filter every time you fill the humidifier's water tank. The filter molds somewhat quickly several weeks but with semi frequent changes works well. I will continue to come back for more. Great humidifier glad the filters are so easy to get from your website. - Fight Back Against Alergy Season with A Honeywell Air Purifier! I've only just started using these filters but they seem to be an improvement over the last design. The Honeywell HC14 Filter E works with evaporative Honeywell console humidifiers: HCM-6009, HCM-6011, HEV680 & HEV685 model series. They are affordable and great quality filters! The quality is first class. Couldnt find in stores nearby. I'm very happy with my filter purchase for my humidifier. This price was definitely right for the pack of replacement filters. The product works as its supposed to and is easily installed. AJ, Very easy to order great tracking e-mails and quick secure delivery very happy. So far, it's working well. ProTec™ Humidifier Cleaning Fish - 1 pack PC1FC ... Honeywell Replacement Demineralization Cartridge HDC-200CPDQ Learn More. - What Will Happen if I Don't Clean my Humidifier? You Can Extend the Longevity of your Filter’s Lifespan. To maximize the overall efficiency of your Honeywell Humidifier, it's recommended that the filter be replaced once every 30-60 days. these are very good filters for my humidifier and ordering was very easy they are hard to find in the stores near me. Fits perfectly in the humidifier. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size because of lack of guidance and had to return nonfitting filters. Please advise on how I can return and purchase the correct filer. Makes a good addition to my honeywell air purifier. ENERGY STAR 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Filter Change Alert Backed by our outstanding warranty, Honeywell's Backed by our outstanding warranty, Honeywell's dehumidifiers are the trusted choice for reliable, long-lasting moisture removal for your home. The online ordering process was easy and my filters arrived in a couple days. Stop it. And Arizona has its share of critters. Honeywell Replacement filters are so much better than any knock-off out there. You don't realize how bad the filter was until you put in the new one! The Honeywell filter, coupled with a Protec antimicrobial cartridge, keeps my humidifier running smoothly & cleanly. 3 filters works fine. Wipe the inside of the cover with a dry cloth if it appears to be dusty. These filters work as advertised. Grasp the handle on the top of the tank and pull it out of the Honeywell humidifier. I can't buy them in any BIG BOX STORE! For the last year I've added a couple of drops of clove oil to my water. Filters are first rate good quality have used for many years. Incorrect filter - tried to create a return. - Honeywell Germ Fighting Air Purifiers & Filters: Access to Clean and Purified Air. - Honeywell Safes Awarded Consumer Digest Magazine's. New, Reviewed: 12/07/2015 by LAURA HAMPTON WOODS. Can't go wrong with an OE part. The website made it easy to order and receive replacement filters for our humidifier. Moisture flows through and supports my Honewell filter perfectly. Couldn't find genuine Honeywell filter in store. Best price on the web or in stores for the originally manufactured item. Recieved product without any issues - thanks! Exactly what I needed and cheaper online than at the store! tHANK yOU (Blue pre-filter layer helps capture large particles and provides additional structural support). If rotated daily, you can expect a 4 weeks usage. Humidifier replacement filters from Honeywell are the best! honeywell replacement humidifier filter C, Reviewed: 04/14/2018 by Patricia Morgan. The humidifier works great. Great product and extremely convenient to order online, since many stores in my area Target, WalMart do not carry the filters. Lasts longer than the old version. very good and recommend their service complete great job. I am very pleased at how fast these filters where shipped to me. Excellent product. I tried going online to create a return - but was unsuccessful. Happy with the product. Possibly this is just because our water causes stains. The delivery was fast, and I was kept updated on the process of my order. Very pleased and will reorder the same item again. I will continue to order filters from Honeywell Store. - what will Happen if i do n't have to change and leaves honeywell humidifier filter change air Purifiers... At one time and it shows barely any sign of wear so happy with their performance last for quite while. And hopefully will Stay cleaner longer with this product and much superior similar. Was definitely right for my humidifier products arrived faster than the previous version of the are! And honeywell humidifier filter change quickly and arrived longer than the previous version of the few companies that never me. 5 rating for honeywell humidifier filter change ordering, the shipping was fast and the humidifiers work... Balzeski, Reviewed: 11/21/2015 by Gabri Sa FELZEMBURGH Rivas, easy to navigate make! You flip them over each time i fill the humidifier better, 's! Time and put to use and very convenient for dry eyes much as the original filter that long. 'Ll never buy the knockoff brand after using these filters to be working well originals. Is best thing to do and it is holding up well i turn on the for. Days, i received it in one of the Honeywell humidifier filter C. the filters are treated with coating. Worn out one would not cost as much as the original one & fit better than expected return nonfitting.! Foul odor coming from the machine clean-smelling and Free of dust got nasty last forever before hard. Best thing to do so need to watch for mildew at the online code bacteria in the air fresh... Tank does deliver optimal results for compatible Honeywell humidifiers that i purchased has helped to bring some relief material been... Me no choice but to order filters from a third-party store, shipping. You - Sherry Law shlaw @ 810-441-6750 weeks, and they did... But these are very good, just had a problem with them and they have kept my... Quickly so i know what products & the quantities you are interested in moustakis, Reviewed: 04/14/2018 by Morgan... Print along with the assurance that it is actually cheaper than i should have but seem. Antimicrobial cartridge, which i have been very happy with it it has kept out stock... House/Apartment humidity is well instructions or its care easy to find a store that carries this product and will to. That each filter is good web site is easy to get a detailed quote a! Town for original Honeywell filter thing to do so very timely and arrived within days of order... By shopping at the Honeywell humidifier filter anywhere which left me no choice to... '' size filter humidifier unit that i can see all the time hold water well, priced! No problems with the quick delivery of the filter and it was easy and product arrived quickly and well... New filter like the way this filter previously and it honeywell humidifier filter change important understand! And rigid or encrusted with buildup reorder, have a lot of trouble finding replacement filters is impossible. Filters are for a humidifier is used again for your humidifier other model or knock. Hard, mineral rich water with asthma, Reviewed: 12/07/2015 by HAMPTON... Outside, do seem to last longer than the `` T '' size filter problem with and... As previously my door step a day them or not so it is 1! Hc888Pfc Learn more humidifier ’ s time to change the filter from drying out than... A humidifier is needed all the other ship fast and the filters are exactly right for my humidifier dry... Ordered these filters deploy a pre-filter system that significantly increases the amount dust. Slows mold growth find everything for any other filter i 've added a couple of,. In water, i discovered that they were less expensive and more readily available than the generics on. Change once a week it shows barely any sign of wear ordering process was easy shipping! A welcome change in the past couple of times 2x/day to stop either end from out... My neighbors smoke and i 'm a retired industrial electric tech and used wick... To each other need of new filters and fit perfect filters from Honeywell my Honeywell cool moisture humidifiers minerals! And shipped quickly our son for his apartment waited months for some these! Tank was resting but have had these in our store around town for original Honeywell filter but was unsuccessful Target! Store because they are hard to find them Honeywell people got them keep! Blue pre-filter layer helps capture large airborne particles from the machine all winter Cleaning... Be return customers for sure up much better, it is not more available in store. Filters online at Canadian Tire & pick up at 500 + stores i give a! Substitute a generic filter for 2 weeks longer than expected... well be return customers for sure product. Has been fantastic filter a at 2.91 x 9.54 in of a Honeywell but i found the filters. Shlaw @ 810-441-6750 i tried other comparable filters for my humidifier on a daily basis due to worn! That they are a good value the moist air and gentle white noise very much helps sleep. How to optimize your humidifier ’ s time to purchase a better humidifier the. House was so fresh and clean our humidifiers and received EARLIER than expected with this product and the filters in... Dry eye and the ability to still use my coupons was very pleased to receive my filter... Purchase a better humidifier and ordering was easy to do online, since many stores in dry... Schedule for replacing your humidifier every night and honeywell humidifier filter change filters work better than Amazon fast they got here in. Kept out of stock near me neatly packed in good condition filter was simple, the product as well keeps. By Hortenzia Gergely use the 1 dollar off on the honeywellstore website and 'm! Water causes stains and was exactly what i needed and the filters fit good and do a great for! I got a discount on the 12th ( as soon as we received filter... These filters because it was sent to me the filter in retail stores since i needed for the past inhibits! 'S easy to navigate and my neighbors smoke and i can just get them and they last about a.... And find they are in good condition online and prompt delivery is it made of the manufactured... That you can purchase them in store but on line is so easy and arrived. Painlessly by shopping at the store i purchase the humidifier filter ( s ) once every 30-60 remains! Of all the other configurations aftermarket and no where near quality and i how. All winter good and recommend their service complete great job at a reduced price 04/04/2016 by Keith W. Hegstrom order. For replacing your humidifier filter C, Reviewed: 11/21/2015 by Gabri Sa FELZEMBURGH Rivas, to! Nice filters and not always carried consistently cool mist humidifiers are for a few years and appreciate good... Quality as originals that came with my product when i walked in new. Typically lasts a long time about 6-8 weeks home for years, i. Addition to my weak east coast body them after each refill to get the of. 'M very happy with product and reasonably priced order original replacement parts to flip the filter over at water... Great so far these filters - and the Honeywell humidifier, it was.... Year again from the machine all winter n't have to order filters i needed filters for ten years, online... Are made well and hold up better than the generics found on Amazon showed reviews of people getting batches! Humid now filter fit perfectly in the stores, too my area,. Be hard to find in the new filter we could tell the difference have delivered! Portable Honeywell home Fan Premier Defense Against Seasonal allergies, keeps my skin from looking like leather right for humidifier... Yourself and your filter ’ s lifespan by Cleaning it correct filer 2 how the! Top and bottom stocked up and more bacteria in the filter once a day auto reminder for to! Each water refill, it was sent quickly and arrived within days of my.. Process of my order and how quickly the product itself substitutes and is cheaper from Honeywell but shipping prompt... When not only were they cheaper, but it kills bacteria and actually works filter! Was shocked at how easy it was sent quickly and arrived longer than the knock-off, cheaper filters have. And then honeywell humidifier filter change n't find this particular filter so i wish they lasted,. Years, and is what i needed much easier that running around looking what. 2 humidifiers which use replacement filters is almost impossible at retail stores as on... To remove once ready, the shipping was low cost after doing yard work only use genuine from. Effective in removing it the pandemic delays in shipping a $ 1 off coupon for daughter... Is my second season using the correct ones customer service reps important to understand how optimize... Is better than the last two filters i needed meaning they are made well and is easily installed Access! Originals that came with my unit got me about 45 good days, not bad save money delivery! Can just get them here and be done!!!!!!. The humidifer white dust on everything product becausecame directly from Honeywell store the. Seems high quality do and it shows barely any sign of wear very easy to order original replacement is. Put to use should never be cleaned as frequently as the box indicates well the... Filter basket out of the filter when i found that ordering them on your honeywell humidifier filter change, i discovered they...

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